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Evergreen daphne good for this site?

dappledshadedappledshade Posts: 1,017
East facing with a southerly tilt, protected by wall of house. Shade until summer, when it gets direct sun until about 1pm.
No dense shade or overhanging plants.
Good drainage, soil  much improved and also newish compost from two years back.

I’m looking for a hardy evergreen shrub that could fill a space left by a very sorry looking fatsia spiders web that was badly affected by the prolonged -6 degrees we had in London, back in February.

Ideally a shrub about 6ft in height and not too wide, as there is other stuff growing nearby..

Is daphne quite tough? 

I have a small odorata type in my back garden which seems hard as nails, but I’ve never grown a large cultivar.

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