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Planting a climber

Paul165Paul165 Posts: 97
Daft question alert. 

I have a number of these honeysuckle and common jasmine to plant, bought as 60cm canes.

I've prepared horizontal wire the correct distance apart on a fence and know to plant a distance from the fence. 

Could anyone give me an idiots guide on how to actually train the existing growth up the fence? I'm worried I'll break it or do it wrong! Do I untangle everything, remove canes and secure these bits to wire? Do I point them diagonally in a fan shape?!



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,277
    I'd untie them from the canes and give them a helping hand to reach the first wire.....a bit of twine should do it.....otherwise you are going to have the canes embedded in a rapidly thickening hedge. You have two types of plant that can be relied upon to climb anything and they will happily take over the space without too much help from you. You can fan them out but once they establish, they will romp in every direction possible. I have one honeysuckle and one jasmine on a ten foot fence and without a degree of vicious trimming, the weight would topple the fence. Enjoy the fabulous smelling flowers.
  • Paul165Paul165 Posts: 97
    Thanks Ceres, will unleash them, tie to first wires and then let them take over! 
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