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Dahlia seed question

Hi everyone! My first post! So, I ordered some dahlia seeds (lavender love, bodacious red, pink and yellow, belle of barmera, and a few others)
and am desperately wanting them to grow tubers. 
That being said, it’s my first year growing flowers (I’ve done years of veggie gardening), but know nothing about dahlia seeds vs. tubers. I bought seeds because they’re much cheaper. Will these seeds turn into tubers that I can plant, divide (if needed) and lift to store every year?
This may be a dumb question but I bought some begonias once and thought they’d come back and spread but they didn’t. 
Thank you all! I’m so excited to be growing flowers now!


  • SuesynSuesyn Posts: 630
    Short answer, yes. Here in Somerset they don't even need to be lifted but can be left in the ground. I have only grown Bishops children, I bought one packet of seeds 4 years ago and have produced new plants each year since. I usually end up giving half the plants away as I don't really have room for any more. (I like the challenge of growing from seed) 
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,334
    Dahlias grow their tubers in the first year. I was surprised how big and strong the plants were when I lifted mine in autumn to move them to a new spot after being grown from seed the same year.
    East Yorkshire
  • Thank you all so much!
    im loving the challenge of growing from seed! I’m so excited for spring!
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 740
    I'm a tuber grower but I've a flower bed I've cleared and wanted to fill it with multi coloured flowers. I bought a packet of Dahlia Mignon. Sowed 24 seeds about a week ago and 17 have germinated. Although I have a cold greenhouse they were grown on the window sill.
    a few years ago I sowed some Bishops Children...and they certainlyproduced tubers over the summer. Good luck.
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