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moving seedlings to cold greenhouse?

earlydazeearlydaze Posts: 103
I have some very small seedlings- cerinthe, cobaea and sweetpeas. I have just read that sweetpeas will probably be happier in a cold greenhouse than in a warm heated kitchen windowsill, but what about others? are young seedlings generally okay in an unheated greenhouse with overnight temps hovering around zero?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,000
    I collected and sowed cerinthe seed last autumn and then potted each wee plant into a 4"/10cm pot and collected them all in a container with drainage.  Left them out all winter and they have survived frosts down to -6C here and some are now flowering already.

    I think you could try hardening yours off by putting them in the greenhouse by day for a week or so and then back indoors at night - but not a warm kitchen - until there are no more night time frosts forecast.  Same with the sweet peas but can't help with cobaea.

    If that's too much faff, take them to the greenhouse anyway but be prepared to cover with a layer of horticultural fleece or even an old net curtain at nigh to give an extra degree or two of protection and make sure teh door is kept shut to retain heat.
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  • Bright starBright star Posts: 1,153
    I sowed several seeds in my propagator  including the ones you mentioned. The sweet peas went straight outside as soon as they germinated under horticultural fleece until my new upright cold frame arrived, they survived and continued to grow even in the “big freeze”.  The cerinthe and cobaea went into the cold frame after I’d pricked them out. I’ve also got snap dragons, ammi,  salvia, lupins and a few other tender annuals in there. I just throw some fleece over them if the night time temps are going to be low.
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