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first lawn cut 2021 and lawn fertiliser

Hi when should i get my mower out and give lawn its first cut and when should i add some evergreen 4 in 1 fertiliser to my lawn 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    The first cut should be done with the blades on their highest setting so you neaten the grass and encourage healthy new growth without scalping it and encouraging competition from weeds and moss.  Keep the blades set high while there is still cold weather about.  Reduce the height gradually once spring is really underway - average temps of 10C - and don't get so low you're shaving it.

    If you read the instructions on the 4 in 1 packet it will tell you when and how to spread the product.   I'd have thought end of March to mid April depending on where you are and how warm it is.

    Do make sure you follow the instructions about how soon to apply it after a cut and how densely and also about watering if you hit a dry spell.  Otherwise you'll be back on here asking what to do because it's all turned black.
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