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I am looking to transfer my staghorn sumac from my front garden border into the back garden and need advice on the removal of the roots . also could you please inform me if the roots from the staghorn sumac could damage the property if planted to close? please 


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 980

    There have been several threads about his plant recently - type in the search box and all the threads should come up. The main chat was about suckers coming from the roots and throwing up new unwanted plants therefore how to kill them! It is a lovely tree but be aware once you have got it it is difficult to get rid of. I haven't heard any problems about roots/foundations but I would be inclined to be careful about siting this plant as it can get very big and you may need to dig around the root area.....

  • Thank you Daintiness I found the threads after I posted this and found that the suckers were the problem I will carefully watch this shrub but again thank you for your reply image

  • I have a few sumachs taken from suckers at my mothers home some 35 years ago.They are persisent in that the suckers and seeds pop up every can prune them as they tend to get a bit straggly if thats the right word.they are beautifull but can get out of hand.image

  • i planted my sumac at my cottage last year because i was told they are saltwater spray tolerant they seem to have died i think there doesn't seem to be any life left in itthem

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