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Shrub suggestion

Would be very grateful for advice on choosing a shrub with the following -

c. 5 or 6 feet tall
flowering later e.g. July/August/Sep
preferable evergreen though deciduous okay too
sunny position
bright flowers - red, pink, or yellow?
large flowers as will be seen from distance across lawn.

Maybe impossible to fulfill all that, but really needs to be late flowering.


  • I can't think of many evergreens off the top of my head. But there are some striking late-flowering shrubs. Hydrangea paniculata has some strongly coloured forms, such as 'Wim's Red'. Hydrangea arborescens 'Pinkerbelle' is also a vivid thing. Shortlived (because rather tender) but bright and interesting are Abutilon--some are hardier than others (e.g. 'Patrick Synge'). They are rather ungainly, unless trained against a wall. A shrub I love, but which is slow to develop and gets its leaves very late, is Hibiscus syriacus. For strong colours, you could try 'Red Heart' or 'Marina'. IMO they're worth the wait--perhaps not the late leaves though... Another that provides late colour is Clerodendrum bungei.
  • Maybe Hypericum hidcoteense might be an option to meet that description?
  • Many thanks for your helpful ideas, been googling them - would like to have them all! They'll be viewed from kitchen window across lawn so will discuss with my Mum which she thinks best.
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