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North facing garden here

I wanted to buy some peonies as I think they are gorgeous. Can anyone advice me what may be good for partially shaded garden? 

Thank you 


  • Paeonia lactiflora won't thrive as well as you might like--they prefer full sun to flower well. But with partial shade, you also have the luxury of trying a tree peony. If you have a sunny spot in your garden, reserve that for your herbaceous peony, and remember not to plant the buds more than 3cm below the soil surface.

    I have nursed along the variety 'Immaculée' in partial sun. It never flowers as much as I'd like but it's worth even the couple of blooms it can manage. 

    Also, it may help to know that the very dark reds can be helped by not having too much violent sun--the petals can burn.
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