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Hebe " Lady Anne " C5

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my plant it's not looking too good. the leaves are pointing down and there is lots of dry crispy ends ( might be dead flowers ) Is there anything i can do to help it, or will it recover in the spring. Any help is appreciated 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,286
    It doesn't look happy. It could be that the very cold weather has affected it.....some hebes need winter protection and according to the RHS, yours is one of them.

  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Almost certainly cold/frost. Best to just leave it to see if new growth appears. If it does, you could then trim off the dead bits and give it a feed.

    BTW, are you sure it is Lady Ann? I thought that was variegated?
  • thanks both for your comments and suggestions. I will wait until the weather warms up a bit and see if it recovers.
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