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stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 190
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Hi all,

After finally having a lawn that has made it through the winter, I'm thinking of ideas to edge it to give a cleaner line and separation to a gravel border containing rose pots

I like the idea of this but would like to be able to do it a bit cheaper if possible.  Ideally I'd like grey and thinking along the ideas of using kerbstones or paving or something to lay horizontally so I can run the mower over it and not have to edge afterwards.

Or something like this which would give me a raised edge which I guess I could strim up to. 

Or finally some wood edging but then it's knowing what wood to go for so that it does need treating.  I'm not which is best.

Many thanks


  • Also just suddenly thought of this, would work out a cheap method.  If I can try and get a level surface and not necessarily look at cementing them in
  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 2,507
    edited February 2021
    I have used this in the past and it's been very good.
     You can mow over it and with care strim the edges 
    If you have a bigger budget Ever Edge is  metal 
    I also had large granite cobbles and although you could run a mower over them it wasn't long before they needed a strim or hand cutting to look really neat.
    I didn't cement mine and need up with grass growing in between them 
  • BibluBiblu Posts: 27
    edited March 2021
    @stuarta99 just wondering what conclusion you came to in the end? I'm also about to purchase some edging so interested to hear either your research or your conclusions if you went with one of the 'mow over' solutions :)

    For me I think I've narrowed it down to or 
  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 190
    I haven't yet to be honest and can't make up my mind if I want an edge or something level to run the mower along.  At the moment I'm more inclined to get some simple grey bricks/blocks and run a line along as the cheapest option however I fear I might need to concrete them in.
  • lir777lir777 Posts: 4
    I'm in a similar boat although my lawn isn't sorted yet.  I have, however, decided that whatever edging I use I have to be able to get the mower over it.  I've learnt the hard way that having a hard, raised edge (I had log roll previously) is a pain in the proverbial as you then need a strimmer to finish the job, when a flat edging would just use the mower.  I'm looking at driveway pavers as I'm planning an extension which will dig up part of my driveway and I'll have a load spare.  I need to add top soil to my lawn as it's very sunken so I have found a cheap plastic edging in B&M that I'll use to start with to hold the soil in place until I get the pavers which will then be cemented in place.  
  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 190
    Yeah I've decided to go with a row of charcoal block paving blocks to create a row level with lawn base.

    Hoping to rake up what gravel I have at the weekend then get it nice and level before putting down some sand and blocks. One end of the lawn didn't fair well in the winter and think it slopes down that end so once I have the blocks level, I'll add some more topsoil level with blocks before reseeding. 

    Finally add gravel back the other side of the blocks and level, hopefully it will work out, but best laid plans and all that.
  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,972
    I found using old bricks pretty inexpensive, some from a salvage yard and some rescued from a neighbour's skip. I mortared them to reduce weeding and to make sure they stayed put.
  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 190
    Loxley said:
    I found using old bricks pretty inexpensive, some from a salvage yard and some rescued from a neighbour's skip. I mortared them to reduce weeding and to make sure they stayed put.
    So same as I'm thinking of doing but without mortar, don't really want to introduce that if I can help it.  I've got weed membrane there already and if I find I get weeds, then maybe I'll look at cementing them in.

    Hopefully it will be a lot easier not having to strim the edges and just run the mower along it.
  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 190
    Ok so this is mine. 7m done for £15 so happy for that. Easier than I thought as well

  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 2,144
    looks nice
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