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New planting in small raised bed

Hello from a new poster.
We are looking for help choosing the right plants for a raised bed in a tiny city garden.

Last winter I planted a white rambling rose against the fence on the left (which is south facing) and it seems to be doing well.  But everything else in the border has either grown too big and taken over - and had to be removed, or else struggled, with the last-but-one plant (in the middle) shuffling off this winter. 

I am thinking that we need something medium height in the middle bit and something smaller where the pot is currently sitting, so that they and the rose behind each don’t restrict for each other what limited hours of sunlight the border enjoys.  But I am a bit of a novice and don’t want to plant the wrong things!

The euonymus type thing growing up the wall near the bench is very slow growing, but I am not wedded to keeping it.

The soil is well drained and rich. Any advice at all is much appreciated.
sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance!


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,038
    My first thought is to plant something like Lavender or Curry Plant on it's own (looks like 3 will fill that bed so you might as well get three large plants - you can gravel around them or plant low trailing annuals while they get to their full size).

    Or perhaps a group of one of the smaller evergreen grasses would be nice, e.g. Festuca glauca / Stipa tenuissima, either on their own or combined with an airy sort of perennial e.g. Dianthus carthusianorum (and maybe a few alliums).
  • Thanks for your suggestions Loxley. We have had a quick search of these online and think the idea of something with a bit of height but not too dense foliage will work well.
  • What about a selection of Scabious? Or maybe a salvia or two? Salvia hot lips is nice, I’ve also got Salvia x sylvestris ‘Midnight Blue’. Scabious could be ‘Butterfly Blue’ or ‘Kudos White’ :smile:
  • Thanks Gardenman91.  I’ve just read that Salvia can be susceptible to slugs. Have you found this with yours? Being a city garden, no matter what I do to keep them down, they come over the walls from the neighbours. We have had a few plants obliterated by slugs, so I need to watch out for that.
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