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I have several salvias in my garden - Hot Lips, Pink Lips, Jezebel, Amistad and several others. I think the Amistads will return in Spring but I am very worried about the shrubs. They are usually okay but after the bitterly cold weather a couple of weeks ago they all look as dead as a dodo! I know they should not be cut down until April but I’m concerned they are too far gone.  I don’t think the shrub ones will shoot out from the ground will they? Has anyone had any experience of this as I am really worried about them.  They all looked a picture last year, flowering up until early December. Any advice will be gratefully received.


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,408
    My salvias (incl. Hotlips, Amethyst Lips, Clotted Cream and So Cool Pale Blue) are all looking pretty sorry for themselves at the moment,  but there is green growth on the lower parts of the stems.
    It's like a lottery with Salvias as so much depends on position, drainage etc.
    Have a close look at the lower part of them and you might see signs of life. Personally l wouldn't give up quite yet, wait until at least the end of March. You could try cutting back one stem right at the base of the plant and see if there is green in the centre. 
    I'd also suggest maybe ordering a few replacements just in case  :)
  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    At this stage, I would leave them alone and keep my fingers crossed. Some are quite late coming back to life so don't be in a hurry to write them off.
  • floraliesfloralies Posts: 2,298
    Some Salvias are later than others to get going in the Spring, Amistad is one of them, you probably won't see any new growth for another month, my Amistads are looking very sorry for themselves at the moment and even down here. All the other Macrophylla and Gregii types are sprouting except African Sky which I may have lost, but I took cuttings last year which are growing well. Try and take cuttings each year if you don't want to lose them and pay for new ones! 
  • Thanks for all your commentx
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