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Red varieties of Monarda with 'Excellent' powdery mildew resistance?

Dear Gardeners world– I am puzzled by your analysis of red Monarda varieties which are most resistant to powdery mildew: The most quoted study appears to be the Mt.Cuba Center survey. And even the textual conclusion on their website appears to have errors (see ). While the front page of their survet concludes ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ performs well, performance ratings on page 13 of their survey only ranks one red variety as “excellent” in their performance table for mildew resistance, and its ‘Cambridge Scarlet’. The Gardeners World page for ‘Cambridge Scarlet’ makes no reference to this excellent result. Also, ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ only ranks ‘fair’ on the Mt.Cuba survey for powdery mildew resitance, yet your web page describes the variety as ‘having some resistance’, Can you please explain the contradiction? Thank you. St.John Mound

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