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Bedding plants for a hot dry spot near roses

A bit of background: 2 years ago we bought a house with a lovely established garden; the previous owners were keen gardeners.  I've been enjoying what has come up/grown each season and in general have done a pretty good job of keeping on top of it all as well as learning lots of new plant names.  The stars of the garden are dahlias, roses, penstemon and clematis.

There is one area where I have struggled a bit which is a bed with five roses and some hebe, penstemon and veronica spicata.  Last year it was covered in forget-me-nots but seems to be fewer this year. I've planted some bulbs (alliums/tulips) for this year but I think I need some bedding plants.  Happy to have annuals or perennials and ideally fairly low maintenance (have an under one little girl which takes up much of time).  

The bed gets full sun, is south facing and is quite chalky so drains quickly. Any suggestions on what plants might work well here?



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