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Is this a potato? And would it be safe to eat it?!

ErgatesErgates DevonPosts: 123
I grabbed what I thought was an empty flowerpot in the garden, but when I emptied out the compost in it, I found these little dears! I do remember cutting off some sprouting eyes from some potatoes in the vegetable cupboard, and sticking them in a pot to see what might happen ( I’d just been watching The Martian! ) I stuck them out on the patio, and a couple of spindly plants grew, but it was very late in the season, and they died down fairly quickly. And of course I  didn’t label them! The question is, can I be fairly certain they are tiny potatoes, and can I risk eating them? I’m fairly excited at the thought of having accidentally grown some food, and couldn’t bear to throw them out!
I know they are only tiny, the clothes peg is for size comparison. Thoughts gratefully received, thanks.


  • delskidelski Posts: 111
    edited 23 February
    Yes, that's a potato. How cute.
    I would definitely eat those.
  • ErgatesErgates DevonPosts: 123
    Thanks,delski. That’s very reassuring. I shall carefully cook and eat them! It’s tempting me to try growing some properly this year. Our garden doesn’t lend itself easily to vegetable gardening, but I’ve heard you can grow potatoes in a bucket. I shall have to research this.
    thanks again,  I’ll post back when I’ve eaten them!
  • delskidelski Posts: 111
    If in doubt, cut them open.
  • Yes, they look like potatoes but also looks like an exclamation ! mark if you look carefully ;)

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