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Fuschia pruning

Am a learning along the way..when should I cut back these.. they come back but hoping I I cut back.. they will flower more.. thanks


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
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    If they are the hardy type you usually trim back when you see new growth, so March/April time. Cut back stems to a pair of buds  around 4 inches from ground.
    The ones in the wall pots will need fresh compost and all will need a feed.

  • They bloomed for the last 2 years..well over December and January
  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 568
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    It is too dry in this small pot. It is also too early to prune, you must wait until you see the new growth, then cut away the dead top growth. Not all fuchsias are hardy in UK, especially if they have shallow roots. I wouldn't keep any potted fuchsia out of doors in winter in UK. A two-year old fuschia needs to be grown in the ground and if you suspect it is less hardy, take cuttings. Good luck!
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    You need to bear in mind too, that in many parts of the country, last winter was much milder than this winter so some may not survive. If you want to see if they're alive, scratch a little bark off with a fingernail. If it's green underneath, it's alive. Try ones or two twigs as some die off anyway.
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