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Placing a vegetable bed

Hello Gardeners, 

Sorry I have a new dilemma. 
I am getting some vegetable beds.
At the top of my garden, there is sun from early morning until 2pm. The bottom of my garden gets sun from 2pm until evening time.
I was thinking of placing the beds one third down from the top of my garden.
Any ideas???

Thank you x 


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,160
    edited February 2021
    Most veg appart from salad crops do best in full sun.  So it partly depends on what you want to grow.  Crops like  courgettes,  definitely need as much sun as possible.  Before I had my current Allotment I tried courgettes here at home,  one at the base of my patio in full sun,  another half way down the garden.  The difference was astounding. The one in full sun was more than twice the size and cropped heavily,  the other only gave 2 small fruits all season. Morning sun is best.  Hope this helps. 
    AB Still learning

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