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Talkback: Floral dispays in France

We agree, the flowers and attention to detail in individual houses and corporate displays in France put our town in UK to shame. Civic pride in UK seems to be slipping.


  • I have just come back from a week at my mobile home in France while there I planted a lemmon tree in a pot will it survive
  • I've never thought of gardening as being an "English" obsession! I'm a very obsessed gardener on the West Coast of Scotland where the climate is difficult, especially the last few years of torrential rain and high winds almost all year round. I'm not alone and we produce some pretty wonderful flowers fruits and vegetables, due to the right plants in the right place and some very hard work in difficult conditions.
    Gardening isn't something to be nationalistic about!
  • I am English living in lovely East Lothian. We have strong winds and a very drying climate. We have a lovely garden with hard work and persistance. Just like gardening anywhere in the worlk it has its problems. It would be very boring if we all could and would grow the same plants all over the country. I am a British national by the way.Mary
  • I have a 30ft apple tree in my garden which produces cooking apple size fruits. The skins are deep red, and the flesh is red also. The blossoms are pink and the leaves red. I use these apples for cooking, chutney, and if you like a slightly sharp flavour they are also good to eat raw. Does anyone know what the name of these apples could be please? It was already in my garden 30 years ago.
  • I live in Dorset and leave my small lemon tree (pot grown)our all year, this year it has been covered in ants and they have left the leaves covered in black stuff,so at the moment I have the pot sitting in water which seems to have deterred the ants, it also has wasps on the leaves all the time I am not sure what they are doing, it looks rather strange, any ideas, suggestions?
  • Does anybody know how Monty Don is doing these days??
  • We have just come back from the Dordogne and there were some beautiful flower beds in parks and on roundabouts, all planted with same mix of cosmos and marigolds.
  • I have a Stephanosis Floribunda (Madagascar Jasmine) which I am growing indoors. It has begun to develop a seed pod. Having seen pictures of what occurs when the seed pod splits and drys out [and taking into consideration that I have no plans to propogate], will I damage flower production if I were to severe the pod?
  • I have just seen this blog and was drawn to the flowers in France. We live in Normandy and have the same weather as the south of England. We garden a huge 2 acre plot and are constantly inspired by the french town gardening projects. They have a talent to make roundabouts look like works of art and the colour and brave designs in the town gardens give every body the energy and encouragement to get stuck in at home. The French town councils no matter how big or small employ gardeners who show off and produce fantastic results. Our Town of Carentan have their own green houses to propagate and garden. It's all about pride and access to funds to keep the town looking jolly all year round....UK could learn a thing or two here about keeping their towns clean and beautiful. viv
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