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Moving Clematis Perle d Azure

harmonyharmony Posts: 351
Hi, I have asked this question before but never got round to doing it. I am now determined to move it asap as its not doing very well in its present position ( growing up an ivy covered old tree). Its around 6/7 years old and has been flowering less last couple of years, last year it had a few lovely blooms but they were all at the top of the tree. I would love to be able to rejuvenate  it and have a space it could grow against a south/west facing fence. It has a single stem about 2ft which splits into 2 stems. I would appreciate advice on how and when to do this and advice on how to prune either before or after moving as it is a beauty when in full flower but fear I've neglected it for too long but I want to try to give it a new lease of life. Thank you.. 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,002
    Do you prune it hard in early spring? It is a Group 3 which means prune it to about a foot.
    Perle d'Azur is OK with some shade, in fact it is grown on a north facing wall in Sissinghurst garden.
    Clematis are hungry plants and need feeding, they also need watering in dry weather. As yours is under a tree it will need watering more often.

    If you've done all that then you could try digging it up, making sure your take up as much earth as you can and give it a really good watering after planting. Prune it down to a foot.
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