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Buxus shapping

snowyysnowyy Posts: 58
Morning all
bought some buxus plants last year that I hope to make some buxus balls from. I think when I read up on it the idea is to give a light trim a few times a year, I gave a light trim in august last year when I could see new green growth and last weekend I potted on. How is best to trim these to shape to a ball and ask to get good growth. Do I need to trim to encourage them to grow first then shape when a certain size? Also to left of those are some cypress conifers that I want like a pyramid, do I need to pinch top and shape or will the size of the pot limit the size so no need to pinch top?


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 2,840
    @snowyy Just bumping up your thread for you as it has slipped through without a response. Hopefully someone on the forum can give you an answer.  :)
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Going on the theory a picture is worth a thousand words try YouTube on how to shape a boxwood ball.
    As to the cypress i would be inclined to leave them until they are just above the height I wanted then trim.
    They look like they are growing outwards so they might benefit from tying in to keep the shape and lightly trim, I'm not an expert on these but my neighbour has planted Goldcrest and they naturally grow in a pyramid shape and she just trims them once a year but in 3 years they have doubled in size, in another 3 we might struggle to get down our drive!
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