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When to sow gathered seeds?

daisysharkey62daisysharkey62 Posts: 2
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I gathered up the seeds from lots of my herbaceous plants in the autumn, but I can’t work out when to sow them - help!
I also need to know if they should be sown outside, or in the greenhouse which is heated. 
Thank you!


  • You would need to let us know which plants you have collected the seeds from to get accurate replies.
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  • Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Some seeds can be sown directly outside where they are to grow. The majority of mine that I collect are sown indoors. When I have collected the seeds, they go in a labelled envelope. I Google the month/s they should be sown and whether indoors or outdoors.

    If you post a list of the seeds you want to know about, we can certainly help you 😁
  • Verbena, foxglove, primrose, scabious, echinops, echinacea, achillea, phlox, stachys, allium, sisyrunchium, honesty, bistorta, inula, anaphalis, sunflowers- phew!!
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