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Lay a new turf lawn with crocuses in March

Hi all, we're going to be laying a new turf lawn in the next few weeks. I was hoping to put crocus bulbs under the turf at the same time, do you think this will work even though it's not the normal planting time?


  • Crocus corrns are usually sold and planted in the autumn. Crocuses are flowering now and their leaves need time to die down in order to feed the plant for next years flowers. Lifting them and burying them under turf in March will do them no good at all.
    Much better to let your turf get established in the summer and then buy a bulb planter or a narrow, pointy trowel and choose some new corms from the wide choice available in autumn. They will be much cheaper than potted ones too.
    They are easy to plant.  They don't need to be deep, just a small hole or slit in the grass will do, then pop in the corm. Sideways is fine if you can't decide which way is up, the plant will know! Cover and gently close the hole. Just decide roughly where you want  them, then toss down one or two hancfuls at a time and plant them where they fall.
    That way they look more natural  :)
  • Thanks for that Buttercupdays, had hoped I'd be able to skip a step but will be patient and follow your advice! We've lovely crocuses just now but are levelling the ground so need to replant 😭 (tried lifting the snowdrops but the ground is so stoney I accidentally put a trowel through half of them)
    Thanks again!
  • Lovely - they look like C. tommasinianus, early and good naturalisers. I had some once, love them, but unfortunately our geese loved them too and I'm not sure how many are still there!
  • If planting a good number, its  easier to simply lift an area of turf pop your crocus (and any other bulbs)  in and then relay the turf. It will quickly knit back together.
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  • Brilliant, I'll put both together and lift the turf in Autumn and pop in new corms then :) Thanks! 
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