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Hardwood cuttings

Hello folks, 
I took some hardwood cuttings, semi perhaps, two weeks ago and they have started making buds. Do I take them off or have the hormones already favored leaf/flower growing at the detriment of roots? 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,656
    I'd leave them alone or maybe trim back to just one bud to reduce the energy needed from what's left in the stem and then also make sure the cuttings don't dry out.   They won't make roots for some time yet but will need leaves for photosynthesis when they do.

    Here's some info from the RHS that may help -

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  • FinchFinch Posts: 15
    Oh that's a good point. They are not planted as deeply as I would have liked as the deepest put I had was deep enough I don't think. Is that a problem do you think? 
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