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Bon invasive screening

Can you advise what screening I can plant near my house that have non-evasive routes. I would like something quick growing about 2ft from house and can grow 7-8ft 


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,387
    Hello Kevin. Do you really mean 2ft from the house. It would not be a good idea to plant anything that grows to 7-8ft ft as near to the house as that because of the likely root system and lack of water so close to the house walls.  Could you tell us why you need it and perhaps post a photo so we can advise better please.
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  • This is wall-trained pyracantha at Bourton House, near Moreton in Marsh. It is trained on the house wall. I cannot see why you could not plant pyracantha or other wall shrubs against your house wall.

    I grow pyracantha and Viburnum tinus within 2ft of my house wall. I also grow wisteria and parthenocissus but both of these will be too big for your height requirements.
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