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Plant ID and rose advice please

Good morning everyone.  Couple of questions this morning please.  

Firstly, I was recently given an old pot from sadly now deceased neighbours of my parents.  I loved the old pot, I think it’s only cement but I was very fond of the couple so it means a lot.  Things are now  beginning to appear.   Any ideas  to their identity?  I think one is a hosta but not sure of the other.

Also, last summer I found a new love (well, addiction really) of roses.  They are predominantly shrub roses.  As they are all new, do I need to prune them much this spring?  They are all showing signs of good growth already.  This is Chandos Beauty .... I bought 4 last summer 😳.  I’m very new to roses so any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you. 


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