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Blue Hydrangea

Last summer I bought a fabulous blue hydrangea in a pot.  Moved it into a large tub using Ericaceous compost and supplemented it with Miracid liquid food.  By late Sept the blue colour had faded, more so than a pink one.

so my question is - will this years flowers be blue ?  Would  renewing with fresh ericaceous compost in March- April be enough ?  Are those hydrangea colourants I see in the garden centre any good ?



  • chickychicky Posts: 10,394
    The flowers should be blue this year too @ERICS MUM - the ericaceous compost you’ve used should see to that.  I would expect the colours of blooms to fade by September, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about there.

    Renewing the compost, or top dressing, is a good idea for anything growing in a pot.

    I’ve never had much success with the colourants - I think they provide aluminium as well as iron.  
  • Thanks Chicky !  I’ll be very pleased if they are blue again.  Yes I wasn’t bothered about them fading toward the end of summer, I put a potted display of dahlias in its place to extend summer colour.
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