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Questions about seedlings

LatimerLatimer Latimer, BuckinghamshirePosts: 735
Hi all

So, last year I sowed seeds and would like a bit of help with next steps


I sowed a small tray of foxgloves. Some of them grew quite big quite quickly and I moved them into 9cm pots (not shown), they seem to be doing quite well. The smaller ones I pricked out into the cells in the picture but as you can see, are still pretty small. Have they just gone dormant over the winter? Are they going to have a growth spurt come spring? 


These lupins were also sown last year and they came up quite well. I left them against the wall in a fairly sheltered spot but they all (but 1) look pretty ropey. Is this a normal die back for winter? I have the same with some echinacea (I forgot to take a picture) which seemed to be doing fine last year but have not been reduced to very dead looking stems.


Finally, these forget-me-nots. These were self seeded in a bed which I was going to dig over so I lifted the whole lot out and put them in a pot of compost and forgot (ha!) about them. Should I prick these out into pots or just leave them and pull out clumps to plant when I'm ready?

Thanks all.


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