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Those studying or have finished RHS Level 2

Evening everyone

So as some of you may know I’m currently studying the RHS Level 2 Principles of Horticulture. I have a question for those who have finished the course or are currently studying the course, is it possible to remember all of this?

I worry that after gaining the qualification (assuming I pass that is) I will have forgotten some or a lot of what I would have learnt. Should I worry about this or am I over worrying?

Many thanks


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379
    There’s a lot to learn for sure.  I’m hoping that some of it sinks in for the long term, but if not that I recall enough that Mr Google can do the rest 😀😀😀
  • @chicky haha yes google is the best for knowledge. You have already studied the RHS level 2 I believe? :
  • I did it about 7 years ago. I wouldn’t fancy sitting an exam now as I expect I have forgotten a lot (or sufficient detail to get a pass) but I do think you are over-worrying. If you will be using the information you will remember it and if not it will quickly come back to you when you do look at google or a book. I sometimes look something up and as soon as I start to read it, I think oh yes I remember now. 

    It does give you a solid base of knowledge and it’s all in there even if it gets a bit rusty.
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  • I agree with @Butterfly66, I have forgotten a lot of the plant names  we learned,  but I often only have to see part of the name and the rest comes back.  It's the same old thing, use it or loose it. If you use the information regularly you will retain more of it.
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  • As with so much education, it’s the practical application of the knowledge that reinforces the theory. 

    Try not to worry about it ... anxiety fogs the brain. 

    Good luck and enjoy it 👍 

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  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379
    @chicky haha yes google is the best for knowledge. You have already studied the RHS level 2 I believe? :
    I am doing it at the moment - should have taken my first exams in February, but they got postponed because of lockdown.  Its a great course, and I’m loving it.  
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    On the subject of remembering I was in a similar situation many, many years ago. Any older IT professionals will understand what I'm talking about, but I hope it helps with your question also.

    I started out in the IT field when hard disks were the size of dinner plates then along came the floppy disk 3.5" and 5" sizes . The technology kept moving on so fast it was a nightmare trying to keep up with it all. Eventually I became a network technician managing a Novell Netware based network with multiple servers as the departure from main frames sped on we moved to what was then Microsoft's foray in to sever software and NT Server 3 then 3.5 then 4 then Windows server 2000, 2003 and it just kept going on and on.

    All the while I was trying to keep my NT4 server MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) updated to all the later operating systems upgrades to 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012 eventually I decided this was pointless at my age and gave up on trying to keep my MCSE by continually taking each and every upgrade exam that came out (A requirement to keep your Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status) and decided I would only learn and remember what was necessary in order to do the specific job I was doing. That way life became a whole lot easier as I was simply concentrating on what I needed to know in order to do the job I was doing which eventually as I headed for retirement meant a move to an Education authority and running their Active Directory structure so I just focused on Active Directory.

    I suppose in a nutshell I'm saying pass your exams and you'll find that in practical terms you will remember the stuff you need to in order to do the job that you do on a daily basis and most of the other stuff you will never use will just be tucked away in that part of your brain which occasionally needs a prod should those long forgotten issues arise in the future.

    So no you shouldn't worry as the role that you play in life on a daily basis will dictate what you remember and as has been said there's always Google for that stuff you need reminding of.

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  • Thanks everyone for putting my mind at rest :smile:@chicky may I ask how far you are in? What is your favourite module so far? :smile:
  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379
    I started in September and will finish in June - one full day a week.  And my favourite module is plant classification, structure and function -loved learning how and why it all works
  • Wow you’re going to finish 4 modules in less than a year??? That’s quick! Though I guess if it’s a full day it’s quicker than studying from home? I’m home studying but wish I’d done it at an evening class now
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