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Moonflower cactus live video

I expect some of you have been watching it anyway (it's been mentioned on television), but Cambridge University Botanic Garden (UK, not too far from me) have got a 'Moonflower' cactus (Selenicereus wittii) which is about to flower for them for the first time. There's a live webcam:

It's now 10 days since they announced it on their 'Friends' mailing list, so I reckon they thought it would have had it's single-night flowering by now. Looking today, I reckon it's quite likely to be tonight (20th Feb 2021).

I grow some other Selenicereus - they all have huge flowers which open for just a single night. This species, which has also been known as Strophocactus wittii, is a tropical epiphyte from Brazil, and not often cultivated. It's in the 'tropical greenhouse' at the Botanic Garden. A friend (who knows about such things) tells me that DNA studies show that it isn't actually a Selenicereus. From the 'Find out more' page (linked from the page with the video), it sounds like people have been sending in photos saying "I've got one of those" - with the Botanic Garden politely saying "No you haven't - you've got an Epiphyllum oxypetalum" (usual problem with 'common' names).


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