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Advice for ground preparation!

Hi all,

I've recently moved into a new build property. The builders had laid turf as part of the deal and it looked ok to begin with. We started to notice that the ground is boggy under foot when the turf is walked on. We are slightly lower than the adjacent road (around a foot) and the ground does not seem to drain very well. I have since taken up all of the turf and it became clear to see that the lowest part of the area was keeping water on the surface.

It does not seem to be a serious issue as I have read/seen on previous posts where new build gardens have been literally under water! The water seems to settle at the lowest point.

My question is: Is it necessary to dig additional drainage or is the water settling down to the poor quality of the soil?

The builders said they have installed a drain at the lowest point but the water cannot get to the drain due to the poor quality of the soil.

I am thinking that I may dig out the area (including the area around the installed drain) and add 20mm gravel as a sub base for the artificial grass, on a slight slope so that the water can drain through the aggregate and get to the drain already installed.

Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

This is how the garden looks at the moment...

Thank you!



  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 1,639
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    🎶Mud mud glorious mud🎶

    Whatever you want to do it will have to wait until things dry up a bit.
    Get some planks to stand on before you start.
    If you are considering artificial grass it's needs at least 100 to 150mm sub base of mot plus sand or limestone or granite dust on top otherwise it will become waterlogged and probably rather smelly.

    PS I assume you are thinking about enlarging the paved area?
  • Hi K67,

    Thank you for your response. Below is my plan for the garden. The lighter grey slabs are the existing. The bottom of the plan and the left of the plan (where my proposed planters are going) are the raised areas of the land that drop into the area where the drain is (above the grass area)


  • Yellow box is where the drain is and yellow circle is where the water gathers

  • Run a French drain from puddle area to the drainline
  • Hi scooty883,

    Thank you for that. I will look at doing that 👍🏻
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