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Diseased rose

i got this rose as a bare root in November it had a small section that was black with little flecks of white on it and it seems whatever it was spread I assume it's dead but I was wondering if it was safe to reuse the compost for other plants or is it like infected?


  • cooldoccooldoc Posts: 844
    Not sure why it died. But I think its safe to discard it rather than use it for compost. Try to ask for a replacement from wherever you had purchased it.
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  • The (probably fungus) won't infect the compost.  As an aside, just checking that you drilled holes in the bottom of the black tub before filling with soil?
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  • Yes I don't think it was a problem cause by waterlogged soil I drilled quite a few holes 1 big 24mm one in the centre and then a load more smaller 10mm ones. But am I right in saying it's probably not the best for small plants but it would be probably alright for the bottom of a raised bed?
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