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Rose advice

When inherited a number of neglected roses with our house buried under years of overgrowth and ivy.

Last year they all had a good prune (which may or may not have been done right) to try and restore but they are not doing very well so not sure if they were overpruned. I have no idea about varieties or bush / shrub etc.

Looking for advice on pruning / care / location.

Picture 1 - I have no idea what this is! Its in a spot which gets some sun but is quite shady for most of the day.

Picture 2 is a gorgeous bi-colour orange red. Its in a place which gets quite a bit of sun but some shade - should I prune heavily or just trim? Would it be better being moved to a border?

Picture 3 is a red rose - this was moved quite late in the season is currently in a spot which gets a lot of sun - hoping this will do better this year.

Picture 4 is a yellow rose but is in deep shade in the summer due to a large lime tree and laurel. The laurel is being cut down this year so there should be more light - prune and leave or move?

Picture 5 is a big blousy dark pink rose. In a place which gets about three hours of sun before being shaded by the house. Pruning and location advice needed.


  • TreePrettyTreePretty Posts: 24
    edited February 2021
    These are potential borders they can be moved to. Top pic is very open with a young lavender hedge - its the top layer of a rockery currently full of alpines - very hot, dry and sunny.

    Second picture is in front of the house but also gets a lot of sun.

    Third picture more shady towards the back but the bit that comes out is full sun for most of the day.

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,558
    I'm no expert on rose varieties but I would say they all look hungry.

    See if you can find some bags of horse manure or similar soil conditioner at your local DIY or GC and give each rose a good thick layer of it all round the base but not actually touching the stems.   I would then wait till mid or late march to see where new buds develop and cut back to just above an outward facing bud on each stem.

    Give each rose a liquid feed of rose or tomato food as an extra tonic from late march to end of June/mid July to encourage healthy growth.  later than that will make for sappy stems that don't have time to mature and harden before the autumn frosts start.
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  • TreePrettyTreePretty Posts: 24
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    Thanks @Obelixx - they did have a good mulch last year and were fed regularly - but I guess years of neglect have taken their toll. Will mulch and feed again this year and see if they do any better
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 2,267
    Roses need at least 6 hours of sun. Maybe you could get away with 5 but really more is better. If some of these aren't getting that, move them.
    I wouldn't prune much this year. Let them grow and see how they behave. For the second one, I would cut off the dead wood and shortened that long cane to maybe a half. I guess 1, 4 and maybe 5 need to be moved, you can trim them a bit too. Number 3 looks good, just tidy it (4Ds - dead, dying, diseased, damaged).
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