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Covering seeds with shower caps

Hello, I am fairly new to planting seeds and may have gone too big too soon! I have some Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia, Gaura and Verbena seeds which have just started to germinate on a windowsill above a radiator.  These were all covered with a shower cap but now they are poking through should I remove the shower caps to maximize light??  Also as they have now germinated is light more important than heat??


  • Hello @jcase1664!  

    Yes and Yes.   :)
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • Brilliant I shall whip the caps off. I have also read that it might be best to move them off the windowsills at night as it can get chilly so I might move them to the kitchen table.
  • Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Yes take off the shower cap and on chilly nights move inside the house. I grow seeds in my conservatory and every night, I move them into my dining room as this time of year it gets very cold on a night.  Remember to water them  too.

    I have never thought of using a shower cap for covering seeds. Good idea 😁
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