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Sweet Peas

I have over wintered in a cold green house about 25 sweet peas, they are bout 4 inches tall and each plant has several shoots.

I live near to the Norfolk coast where it is relatively mild and sheltered. Even last week with the snow it only got down to -2.

I am thinking about planting my first batch of sweet peas outdoors during the first week of March.

Good idea?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,850
    Depends on the weather but you need to harden them off first because even in an unheated greenhouse they are sheltered from wind and rain.

    Move them outside by day and back in at night for at least a week beforehand so they get used to the great outdoors.  Don't plant them out into cold, soggy soil after a frost or heavy rain.  You want their roots to head off down and anchor them and feed them, not catch fright.
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