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Christmas tree? Can it be saved?

Good afternoon.. I’m very aware I’m a bit late as Christmas was a few months ago but a friend was throwing away this tree and I was wondering if it can be saved and planted in the garden? I have an empty space for it so is it worth seeing what happens or not? I’m not exactly sure what tree it is either by the way. Thank you! 

(I have searched the forum before posting but couldn’t find an answer I was looking for) 


  • clarke.bruntclarke.brunt Posts: 215
    edited February 2021
    It looks like the 'usual' miniature potted Christmas Tree, sold (hardly surprisingly) at Christmas. Bit thinner and more 'pointy' than they often are, but no doubt can be trained to look like that.

    I got one at the end of 2019 (reduced to clear, a few days after Christmas) - I believe they are Picea glauca var. albertiana 'Conica' which you can look up.

    I put mine in a larger pot, and it's duly grown larger - soon be time to repot again. And I rooted the bits I trimmed off to keep it in shape - I forget what I did - think just pushed into soil in a pot, covered (plastic bag, or propagator lid), and kept in a shaded place in the greenhouse.

    Assuming your tree is indeed pot grown, then it's absolutely fine - can be grown on in a pot (don't forget to water), or planted out. From pictures I've seen, they can grow into rather a broad 'squat' shape, but can be kept as a pointy Christmas Tree by trimming, if that's what you want.

  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
    We got a tiny tree (about a foot tall) from Tesco in December 2017 and left it in its pot outside after Christmas.  I put it into a big pot that I had doing nothing.  3 and bit years later and it's doing very well.  I just keep it watered and top it up every year with loam based compost.  

    March 2018

    February 2021

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