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5 mysterious roses... ID help? :)

After inheriting or acquiring through various means, I've never managed to formally ID any of my roses without being deeply sceptical of my decision!

Could you help a novice out?! I appreciate many of them also may not be suited to container growing, any advice would be greatly appreciated! (Thank you!)

1) Either fully white blooms or pink tinged, repeat flowering throughout season + thorny long sturdy stems

2) Little red blooms either independent or appearing almost in a "spray" fashion, repeat flowering, long bendy stems without thorns. Dug out of an overcrowded flower bed in my new house and has grown on with a vengeance with mulching/feeding - needs cane support (could it be a climber?)

3) Found growing next to the gravel driveway, very sad and small but much happier in pot for the time being. Repeat flowering large yellow blooms which pale as they begin to fade, thorned sturdy stems

4) Inherited from a friend last year  possibly has "peachy" in the name and originally bought from a garden centre. No end of trouble with black spot since I've had it, and mysteriously dropped all of its leaves June time only to bounce back again with a new flush of blooms after a prune and a feed. Repeat flowering, upright smaller thorned stems

5) Originally sent to me for a March birthday from moonpig 2 years ago, planted up with primula and ferns. Had been a slow grower but remained bushy - blackspot hit hard early this year and whilst recovered okay for flowers growth now decidedly more scraggly.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,836
    Sorry, I think there are so many roses being bred that it would be almost impossible to identify yours but I'm happy to be corrected if others can do so.
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  • I suppose I'm less concerned re: their exact name/cultivar, even just their generalised "type" would be so helpful - I honestly can't work out a shrub from a patio etc etc. I think the little red is a rambler from the way it has been behaving so I'm happy pruning that one appropriately, but with the clock counting down on the others I don't want to make a mess of them!
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,836
    I wouldn't worry too much Becky, roses are very hard to kill. The little red one is unlikely to be a rambler I think as most of them are big sprawly climbers. Just prune the others to a nice shape, cut out any branches that are crossing/rubbing against each other and any growing into the centre.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,234
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    It's very much a guess but No. 1 could be Iceberg, maybe the climbing version going by the way the canes are reaching for the skies. I have one and the flowers are just the same, with a tendency to get the pink spotting on the back when they've been rained on.
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