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Hedge on slope

I am planning a hedge or shrubbery border on a sloped garden. Ie from the bottom of the run to the top length 20 meter height change 5 meter

Purpose of hedge is two fold 
1) privacy and hide ugly building next door - especially towards the bottom of run. So would like part of hedge evergreen and need it to grow semi fast. 

2) attract bird life - so would like a good mix of plants

this garden is on the west coast of Scotland so would have to deal with strong wind but mild and wet climate.

any ideas of plant mix and other suggestions to make this work. 


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,998
    edited February 2021
    Hello Henriette  :)
    If you wanted to include some conifers,  l would suggest thuja plicata aka Western Red cedar. It's not fast growing compared to leylandii, but has the same effect and is much less thuggish. 
    I'm sure others will have suggestions. 
  • You can buy mixed native hedging plants quite cheaply and make a good hedge out of them that will be fine with winds. My recommendation would be to plant as a double row hedge:

    Typically these mixes contain plants like sloe, hawthorn, holly, hazel, elder, etc. and they are a haven for wildlife, including insects, birds and small mammals.
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