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I've got the Hebe-Jeebies

Hello :smile:

I got this Hebe Great Orme around the middle of last year and it's not looking quite as healthy as it used to. There are some leaves with brown spots which are turning yellow  :/

Should I remove the affected leaves? Any idea what it is?

It's in a pot (bucket); in multi purpose peat-free compost; facing South; we're in North East Scotland.......brrrrr!

Thank you for any advice  :)


  • Less close-up image, to give the full picture:

  • Hello. You appear to have at least two plants in the container. Was it sold as one plant but actually comprised of a number of rooted cuttings that have subsequently grown. Probably best to split them into individual plants and pot on. 

    In answer to your question, leaf blight like this is common in damp winter conditions. Here's a link to an article that may help  


    Known officially as Septoria Leaf Spot, this causes small brown marks on the leaves. There is no immediate effect on the plant but if left to its own devices this disease will significantly reduce the vigour of the plant and cause it to grow leggy.

    Septoria leaf spot

    This fungal disease is most noticeable in October to February. In March time when new leaves begin to develop the older affected leaves are shed. In some years the symptoms may appear as early as June.

    Treatment consist of applying a general purpose fungicide either in September or as soon as the symptoms are noticed if earlier. Two or three applications at fortnightly intervals are recommended.

  • @rachelQrtJHBjb - that's a great question and one which I don't know the answer to. I got the plant from a friend in a smaller pot and I potted the whole thing into this larger one - it's always had 2 or 3 sort of main stalks but as a complete novice I thought that's just the way it was - didn't think it would be 2 or 3 separate plants. Would now be the right time to separate them - and would you cut through/divide it in the same way you would do a crocosmia, but on a smaller scale? Or will these things have their own individual root systems? 
    Thanks for the article 👌🏻
    Thank you  :)
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