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Plants to cover trellis topped fence (to avoid nosy neighbours)

Hi there,

I have 4 trellis topped fence panels (panels are arched at the top) as a boundary and I need to grow something fast growing if possible, to stop nosy neighbours peaking through :).  
Could anyone suggest what to grow please - I would need supports and mesh I guess to fasten the plants.  Or any suggestions how to block out the trellis using panels of some kind?

Grateful for any suggestions.

Many thanks.


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    It does beg the question on why you had a fence with trellis or were they already there. It looks like you neighbour has some kind of hedge behind or can  they come right up to the fence?
    Are you planning to make a planting area in front or is there one off to the side.
    There are clematis which grow up to 20ft in one season, you cut it back to 50cm high in spring which would allow any work on the fence. 
    Clematis montana is another variety but they get rather heavy so not really suitable for a fence.
    Thorncroft and Taylor's are good clematis websites to check out.
  • Thanks for your quick reply.  The picture of the fence is not actually my garden (I just chose a picture that is the same kind of fence that I have).  I currently have nothing growing in front of it and my neighbour has nothing the other side either.  I have a small border at the bottom of the fence which would be enough for clematis, thanks.

    The fence was there when I bought the house.
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    My apologies I assumed it was your garden! Nice fence though.
  • Don't have any recommendations but but I would be weary of what you plant.  I have a similar fence and I have spent the morning cutting back all the branches from whatever my neighbour is growing that is on my side of the fence.  I was careful to only cut the branches that was only in my garden, but I know not everybody would be as considerate.
  • Star Jasmine is evergreen. I picked up an lovely 8ft tall specimen from the garden centre in September last year for £20 and it is now at least 10ft so would easily cover the trellis on a panel like the one in your picture. You could just wind it through the trellis or tie it on your side. 
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