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Moving honeysuckle

Hi my first post on here. I want to move a honeysuckle that we inherited with the house, it’s up a fence behind lots of bushes, I assume it was there before the bushes were planted but you can only just see the top. Do I cut it right back to move it? 


  • I am not sure of the 'correct procedure' but last spring I had to move a honeysuckle because of building work. It had to be cut right back because it was entwined with a rose and a tree. I probably only ended up with a few centimetres of it. Anyway, it has thrived and grown as well as it was doing previously. 

    In the past I have also given several honeysuckles a severe haircut and they all seem to bounce back better than ever. 

    The thing with moving plants seems to be about getting all the preparation done before you dig it up, prepare the new hole, water it etc. just so the time out of the ground is a minimum as possible. 

    I am sure other experts will come on with more advice, I am just sharing my experience. 

    Good luck. :)
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  • Thankyou so much for the great advice I’ll give it a go then  :)
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