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Mud Pit Wonderland!!

Hello Hello everybody!!! 

I thought I'd join a forum to part document part ask for advice as I try to turnaround my Barratt New Build postage stamp garden into a wee slice of heaven. Gardening has kept me sane and I have never been so grateful to have outdoor space - does everyone feel the same?

I have attached some pictures so that you can see the progress, biggest changes have been the installation of the SummerHouse (which involved levelling the top end of the garden as its on a steep slope and extending the patio to a more usable size.

The lawn has been absolutely destroyed in the process and with our good old fashioned Scottish East Coast weather, my plan to fix it is on hold until march when I plan to rake, put holes in, reseed and then cover with a thin layer of top soil to try and resurrect it!

Looking for plant recommendations for a Scottish Garden, I love nature (would love to plant local species) lavender, rosemary are a must as they are my favourites. As you can see I have also began cutting in a border, planting Rhodedendron and Azalia with a tiny apple tree to boot. Suggestions welcome! I am also considering cutting in more border, stepping stones to the summerhouse and planting more into the current 'lawn' area.

Thanks so much in advance!! - Oh and the garden is West facing as you look out the Patio


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,419
    It coming on, the lawn always gets hammered when landscaping is involved . 

    Why don't you take up the rest of the grass from the end of the patio to the fence line and give the azalea / rhodi more room  , you'll be wishing they were more spaced out when they get going . You can plants some lavender next to the patio then and brush against it when coming outside the patio doors.  

  • Important to think about how much of the lawn you want to keep... in a very small garden, it can be fun to use as much of the space for planting as possible, and have enough paving to allow easy access to the summerhouse. That way you could sit in it even when it rains, and still be looking out at your flowers.

    My garden's not in Scotland and I don't have a lot of specific recommendations about local plants--I suppose the obvious ones would be heather and perhaps arbutus, though that's more a west coast plant. But it certainly has kept me sane... though I have prunings all over it atm from the work I didn't manage to finish at the weekend!
  • Assuming you have acid soil (because you planted a rhododendron) you will find lavender short-lived compared with a longer life expectancy in a neutral to alkaline soil. Doesn't mean you can't grow it, but you may replace it more often, say every 3-5 years.

    Small or courtyard gardens can be especially rewarding because they're not so large you have to be a slave to maintenance and you can easily change the look by simply adding/moving pots.

    Yes, gardening and being outdoors keeps me sane. Don't know anyone who is keen on plants and doesn't feel the same.
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