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Shrub ID

TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Greater LondonPosts: 90
I'm hoping someone can identify this shrub for me. Here it is in flower (taken last summer):

It is over 6 feet tall and part of our informal hedge. It's very woody in parts and I'd like to know what it is so I can research when it should be pruned, etc. 



  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 2,863
    Escallonia sp or named cultivar.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 684
    Could it be Escallonia 'Apple Blossom'? Height and flowering period sound about right.
  • Best very lightly pruned, if you must, in early summer, after it has finished flowering.  If you trim it now, you'll get no flowers this season.  So enjoy the flowers first, then give it a light haircut later in the year. 😀
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