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Moving established roses

My sister has to move house and wants to take a few of her roses.  They were planted about 10 years ago and she is thinking of cutting right back, digging up and trimming roots, before planting in hessian sack for moving day.  Both climbers and shrub.   Is this a good idea?  Any tips will be passed on and received  with huge gratitude!


  • Should pose no problem, as long as she prunes back the top growth as well--too many leaves and not enough root will lead to the plant drying out and dying. She shouldn't expect much of a show of flowers the first season, as the plants will be regrowing a root system below the soil, but to feed and prepare the ground well in advance. Obviously, also the usual advice not to plant in a position where roses have already been.
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Also you should inform the buyers which plants you are taking, unless it's rented then l suppose they really belong to the landlord?
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