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Help with choisya position

Hi, I have a choisya white dazzler which I planted last year and was growing well but has recently started looking sickly - see photo. It could be the recent cold weather, our garden is pretty windy and the current position is quite exposed so I'm wondering whether that could be it. I'm planning on creating a border at the top of a South facing slope which is also pretty exposed and had wanted to plant another of these there but am now concerned that it may not cope there. Has anyone else had issues with this type of choisya in similar situations? Thanks very much


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    It is cold damage and nothing to worry about. On a young plant, it can look alarming. When the weather warms up, you can prune away the die-back and damaged leaves.

    When they are that small, make sure you scoop a very generous mulch around the base to keep the roots protected. You can use compost or bark-chip mulch which I can see you have used, but you'll need a bit more.

    Small plants are more vulnerable to cold wet weather and also hot and dry weather because their roots are still small. The mulch will keep the roots stable and protect them from the extremes.
  • Thanks very much, that's really helpful. I'll do as you suggest.  We did mulch in the autumn and it does need topping up  :)
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