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Begonia Plant and Flowers

I bought plug plant begonia and did well. I left it in the pot and appears to have died to the ground. Does it have tubers, which comeup yearly? Should I wait and see or use the pot for other plants?


  • Begonias are tender and if you left it outside, with the temperatures we've had, I'm afraid you are very unlikely to see it again.
    If you brought it under cover though, you should be in with a good chance, I've had some for several years.
  • FireFire Posts: 18,973
    I would say that you will lose nothing by covering them up now until May and see if anything emerges. I put mine in a shed from first frost to May and they always come back. Amazing plants that essentially bloom in the dark.
  • I'd dig it up and if there's a tuber which hasn't turned to mush, then keep tuber somewhere cool, dry (frost free) until it starts to show shoots in spring. Then plant again. I've had mine about 15 years now, cutting tubers into parts when they grow too big to fit pots/baskets.
  • Thank you all for your great advice. 
  • I always dry out my tubers over winter, about 30 of them, but 3 years ago forgot to take out the ones under planted in a cordyline container and they have improved over the years, so I wouldn’t rush to discard them yet.
  • Thanks, I will stay hopeful and keep a lookout for the tubers to sprout again, fingers crossed 🤞 
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