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Hello can anyone tell me can i mix fish blood and  bone with conpost  thank you


  • If it's bought compost, it will already have fertiliser in it, so no. If it's home-made, it will still be rich--better to let the nutrients leach out for a few weeks before you add more fertiliser.
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    I think it depends on what you're planting.

    As @Cambridgerose12 says, commercial planting composts will have fertiliser included but it's only good for 90 days max so if I'm planting up a permanent pot I always add some extra oomph with pelleted chicken manure or BF&B and will then give an occasional liquid feed thru te summer between normal waterings.  I also top dress permanent pots every spring with a bit of fresh compost and more slow release fertiliser after I've weeded the pot and done any pruning needed.

    If you're sowing seeds or planting out seedlings which will be potted again then no, don't add extra feed.
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