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I've just seen one of these in my garden probing with it's long beak. Very unusual, must be the frozen ground and low temperatures forced it here  to look for food. 


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    Lucky you.  They're usually very shy and I believe are now a protected species in Belgium.  Our farmer neighbours in Belgium said we had them along a stream which was our boundary between their paddock and ours but I never saw one.
    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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    We have resident snipe on / around the lake.
    The previous owner used to charge folk to come and try to shoot them.
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,464
    As soon as autumn comes and the fields become wet, the snipe arrive by the dozen and it's impossible to walk a field with the dog without putting up at least six.  For the sad individuals who need to kill things for entertainment, the snipe is a 'fun' target because it zigzags in flight every 20-25 metres and requires greater skill to shoot.  I've never discovered why they fly at night but we hear them calling at all hours.  (SW Ireland)
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    Haha.. I've been on many a snipe hunt as a child at various summer camps.  Some of the counselors would occasionally catch one, but they escaped before us campers ever got a good look.  Usually out through a hole in the bottom of the paper bag supplied to everyone.  
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