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I want to plant my sorbus auc croft coral around my rockery , but if there is lots of other plants and stones all around as well as a pond ( preformed) is it a bad place for it to grow and get enough water as lots of competition?
also has anyone got either silver birch jaquemontii or snow queen in a pot? how does it do? 



  • Can you show us some photos of the proposed planting site for your Sorbus, to give us a better idea of your options? 

    As for the Silver birch ... they grow into large trees (15m tall and up to the same in width) ... not suitable for growing in a container. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    All newly planted trees need watering well during their first season or 2 so I wouldn't worry about competition from other plants.
    Do you have enough room to dig a square, they now say its better than a round hole, at least three times the size of the pot and twice as deep.

  • this is the are a. Green already planted trees
  • Back red corner 
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    Last pic shows 2 young trees in pots.
    In that tiny space you only have room for one tree not 2
    Stand in the centre hold your arms wide and turn round...even small trees will be larger than that area.
    You need a re think.

    Sorbus aucuparia  Croft Coral

    Height and Spread (after 10 years): 3m x 2m

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Yeah . I can put it on the otherside from pic 1, the green is where there is a amelanchier la paloma and red is empty. The one on left is a autumn spire which is why i picked ther
  • Ok , so here is 2 other options . Front garden where there is a small prunus snow fountain, here south facing so lots of sun which the croft coral will like ( or i could move my autumn spire here) i wasnt keen on here as our fromt isnt huge and may look big on the photos. Also i wanted it in the back so i can see it more. 

    The other options are the back, the red circles are already planted small trees and the green where else it could go, ( left the back left corner out as thats where i originally asked for) i didnt realise planting my crabapple it needed lots of sun so im unsure the green part close to the house would work asmuch as only gets sun maybe april-aug
  • Oh dear.
    You have a tiny garden.
    You have excellent taste in the trees that you have chosen.
    You have bought quality,  strong, nice shaped, expensive trees.
    However you have  no concept of what they will be like in say 5 years time.
    eg  your Amelanchier  la paloma.
    Look at the link below.

    I feel one tree at the back is more than enough and maybe one at the front.

    You have Sorbus Autumn spire and Sorbus aucuparia  Croft Coral.
    A crab apple Malus,  Betula utilis var Jacquemontii and Betula utilis Snow Queen? 
    Anything else?

    By the way ponds hate to have trees near them as the dead leaves falling in and rotting cause  mega problems,  by taking all the oxygen out of the water.

    May I suggest you go to your local park and just look at how much space one young tree needs.
     Me thinks you need to move to find a much larger garden, where you can let your love of trees really  flourish and develop.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Its not as small as it looks. It is 40 foot! No i dont have any betula yet not jaquemontii or snow queen. The crabapple especially says it will get to 3m, hardly huge. The amelanchier maybe the buggest but on that photo where i have put it there is enough room for it. One can certainly go in the fromt. The betula i was going to keep in a large pot until its too big then give it my parents
  • Pond wise i know they hate trees but i will scoop out any leaves, nearest tree is about 5-6 foot away and autumn spire
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