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Help with my tiny urban garden

I would love some ideas for what to do with my very small London garden (see image).

- Left-hand side is south-facing and gets the sun until mid-afternoon.
- Right-hand side is basically full shade 8 months of the year
- Currently have an odd assortment: a camelia, a fatsia, a young dwarf palm, star jasmine.
- What I want is year-round foliage on all/most sides, a sense of lushness to make things cosy, with enough space in the middle for the table/chairs. Do I need to move the beds? Add raised ones? Shelving or hanging baskets? A small tree e.g. fig?

I'd love any suggestions at all. 


  • @KeenOnGreen Thanks, I love this - the acers and the blue-grey wall achieve so much there.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,819
    @sam.mackay5   Beware Acers, they are lovely plants, but very temperamental.  We have lost most of ours over the years, and wouldn't buy any more.  The blue-grey wall was achieved by covering our fence with marine plywood, which we then painted with masonry paint.  Large hardware stores can mix this for your in hundreds of colours, you don't just need to stick to the small range of colours that branded paints offer (Ronseal, Cuprinol, etc).
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    Love seeing before and after pictures like that. Fab job. I think the plywood idea would work well in the OP's garden since the fence at the back is uneven (and that would annoy me :D) and different panel types on each side. Marine plywood doesn't sound cheap but I suppose that's ok for London budgets.
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