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Gardening Success and Failures

As a gardener what would you describe as your success and failures if any in your garden
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  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149
    Ah, failures. I recently went through my plant label tub and threw away all the redundant ones from plants purchased across the decades that had unfortunately failed to thrive. The list was long and expensive and the plants too numerous to name. Successes though, all my hedge plants grown from seeds picked up on autumn walks, and the giant nepetas that the bees adore. Geraniums cantabrigiense and macorrhizum are happy in blazing sunshine or shade so I am hoping that a vile disease doesn't suddenly appear to wipe them out. If it deigns to grow in my plot, then it is a success and I include the stinging nettles, white dead nettles in that together with a feral campion and a rash of opium poppies. Rampant rhubarb......very architectural and nice with custard. A rose, nameless, a bastard creature that came from a seed in a Tesco car-park and smells better than any other rose I have ever come across but would double as Sleeping Beauty's prison if asked.
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